HUBCO, Inc. is a U.S. manufacturer of professional grade molded urethane backup pads for the random orbital sander industry.

Incorporated in 1994, HUBCO, Inc. has quickly risen to become a leader in the manufacturing of professional grade polyurethane molded random orbital backup pads. With sales in all the industrialized continents and into a variety of markets, including aerospace, automotive, and woodworking, we satisfy the leading world tool manufacturers and end users with our strong commitment on quality, performance, and consistency.

From the start, HUBCO has maintained strong relationships with global tool and abrasive manufacturers in order to stay at the cutting edge of technology and development of sanding systems. With multiple custom built molding machines and our proprietary chemical formulations, HUBCO is able to satisfy the most demanding applications.

We do offer a private label program to our customers and this comes with the ability to vary color and packaging.

At HUBCO, we understand the importance of high-quality and we know our customers understand this as well. This is why we inspect 100% of our back-up pads through numerous checks along the manufacturing process and end with a consistent pad you can count on.

A few features HUBCO pads that sets us apart from the rest:

  • Full 1/2” diameter vacuum holes that match standard abrasives and allow maximum performance of your tools vacuum system.
  • Pads made to the industry standard of weight and balance to insure perfect performance every time.
  • A stud assembly that is rigidly attached to the backing with four rivets.
  • A rugged thermoset fiberglass epoxy backing that withstands the abuse of heat, flexing, and impact to keep the pad running flat and true.