HUBCO produces a quality line of back-up pads for woodworking, automotive and industrial applications that require precise control of the sanding operations.

HUBCO exceeds the needs of these industries with consistent balance, performance and wear characteristics.


LOW PROFILE PADS are about 3/8” thick and have a stiffer edge. Generally recommended for aggressive sanding and leveling. They can be used in low clearance applications.

TAPERED EDGE PADS are about 5 /8” thick and have a more flexible edge.Generally recommended for contour sanding and feather edging.

STRAIGHT EDGE PADS have limited edge flex for level sanding across the face of the pad. This provides a stronger working edge to obtain maximum width of sanding for small, flat and semi-flat areas. These pads are ideal for sanding in tight areas.

MULTIHOLE PADS are designed for screen type or multihole type abrasives. Superior dust control is achieved with these pads


PSA is used with a pressure sensitive adhesive backed abrasive.

HOOK is used with the standard hook and loop sanding system where the pad face contains the hooks.

J-HOOK is similar to standard hook but has a taller profile that works well with non woven abrasives or where higher bond strength is needed.

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